Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

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1. About the CPA
Join British Columbia international Academy To Be A Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

CPA online and revision classes are available on demand with complition time of 8 months including examination of full CPA 4 parts. In-house Training of CPA available at AED 1500 extra cost as travelling.

2. What is CPA Certification?

Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is an American certification awarded by American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) in Association with NASBA

3. CPA Classes in Abu Dhabi & Dubai

BCIAME offers CPA training classes in Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Study material with Wiley Pubication, US. Join CPA from the best institute in Dubai and ensure your success in the first attempt. We offer morning and evening weekend classes. BCIA provides Free re-sitting for the students who failed in 1st Attempt and proved classes until student pass.

4. CPA Elgibility

Please remember that CPA exam eligibility and getting CPA license are two different things. Starting from October 01, 2014 testing for the Uniform CPA Examination in the Middle East will be open to all citizens and permanent residents of India who fulfills CPA eligibility. This is a great opportunity to study and qualify CPA - USA without travelling USA. We provide complete CPA evaluation services and guide you through the whole process.

5. CPA Course Details
  • 15-25% Ethics, Professional Responsibilities, and General Principles
  • 20-30% Assessing Risk and Developing a Planned Responses
  • 30-40% Performing Further Procedures and Obtaining Evidence
  • 15-25% Forming Conclusions and Reporting
  • 17-27% Corporate Governance
  • 17-27% Economic Concepts and Analysis
  • Classes are more than the batch classes
  • 100% passing percentage and first Attempt guarantee
  • Package Includes all the Study material i.e. Original Books, Self Study package and etc.
  • Either for the Revision Sessions or Corporate Clients
  • 6 Hours daily sessions with one to one training plan
  • free sit-in Campus class after 1 Attempt
  • Clients Location with the required facility
  • Class timings are as per the Client's Requirements.
6. CPA Exam Format
  • AUD Exam Duration: 4 Hours
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs): 72 MCQs
  • Task-Based Simulations (TBSs): 8 TBS
  • Passing Marks: Overall scale score of 75 or higher
  • AUD Exam Duration: 4 Hours
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs): 62 MCQs
  • Task-Based Simulations (TBSs): 4 TBS
  • Written Communication Tasks (WCs): 3
  • Passing Marks: Overall scale score of 75 or higher
  • AUD Exam Duration: 4 Hours
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs): 66 MCQs
  • Task-Based Simulations (TBSs): 8 TBS
  • Passing Marks: Overall scale score of 75 or higher
  • AUD Exam Duration: 4 Hours
  • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs): 76 MCQs
  • Task-Based Simulations (TBSs): 8 TBS
  • Passing Marks: Overall scale score of 75 or higher
7. CPA Exam Windows

CPA (US) exam is offered the first two months of each quarter of the calendar year - these are called "Testing Windows."

  • 01 JANUARY - 10 MARCH
  • 01 APRIL - 10 JUNE
  • 01 JULY - 10 SEPTEMBER
8. Choose BCI ACADEMY to Groom as a Chartered Financial Analyst

Trading power of Dubai has increased enormously. It is operating worldwide famous industries in both free zone and city. Number of jobs in finance sector has also increased. In the upcoming years Dubai will be a trading and marketing giant. Experience in CFA is a high value asset which will help the experts in coming years. Get CFA guide for taking a career step it is a crucial time to become CFA professional.

  • Our highly experienced trainers furnish students with empirical guidance and support at a price that is friendly to your budget.
  • Our institution possesses the largest training network with 76 plus experts in the field.
  • We maintain a powerful network with our corporate training parners.
  • We also have the facility of scholarship for the deserving students.
9. Course Duration

1 year to complete CPA depends upon the Training Program and 18 months remaining after completion of 1st Exam.

10. Exams dates (2018)

CPA exams are offered during following months:

  • January, February
  • April, May
  • July, August
  • October, November

The chart below shows the question type for 2018 CPA Exam.

Multiple Choice Questions   Task-Based Simulations   Written Communication  
Section Current 2018 Current 2018 Current 2017
AUD 90 70-75 0 8 - -
BEC 72 60-65 - 4 3 3
FAR 90 60-65 7 8 - -
REG 72 70-75 6 8 - -

The amount of time test takers receive for each section of the CPA Exam will change for the first time since 2011. Business Environments and Concepts (BEC) and Regulation (REG) sections of the CPA Exam will increase by one hour to account for increased Task-Based Simulations (TBS) and the higher level skills being assessed.

Exam Duration 4 Hours 4 Hours 4 Hours 4 Hours
Fees Structure
(for each part if taken separately )
AED4000 AED4000 AED4000 AED4000

Note: Exam cost is subject to change with the jurisdiction, above cost is average just for understanding.

13. Job Opportunities in CPA USA

AICPA Survey says the CPA certification provides a very large advantage in the job market.All-Big 4 and Govt organization is promoting CPA course for their employees. CPA Starting Salary Approx AED 20000- AED 25000.
These all are some of the specialties of BCIA Training in Dubai. You will experience more when you join us.

14. Role of BCIA in Your CPA Course in Dubai
BCIA Training Program Includes
  • Complete Course Outline, Review, Mock Classes of CPA USA (15 Classes each part).
  • CPA Certified Trainers with 15 years of Teaching Experience.
  • Online Software and Classes.
  • CPA Training in Sharjah with low budget price
  • Now CPA course is available in Abu Dhabi and Dubai
  • Complete Study material (Wliey Publication Books 2018 edition) to pass the exam in 1st Attempt.
  • Extra Study hours for the student if they need.
  • Full-time Support from Trainers through Facebook, Skype, E-mails etc.
  • Test Series and Mock Sessions.
BCIA provides CPA Classes in Dubai with various options for the individuals that fit their need.
  • We promote high-quality education at CPA institute in Dubai and at the middle east region
  • Online classes are available
  • Offers the best course at a low cost
  • Support to find better job opportunities
  • Exceptional teaching staff
  • Open the door of success with CPA training &certification. From initial level accountant to the analyst, from manager to chief financial and chief executive officer the career options are unlimited.