Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

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1. About the CMA

For over 40 years the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation from the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) has served as the benchmark for excellence in the field of management accounting

Achieving the CMA demonstrates your professional expertise in financial planning, analysis, control, decision support, and professional ethics - skills that are in demand by organisations around the world

British Columbia international Academy is IMA approved Learning provider with high pass rates, cma online classes, Fast Track Classes Available, CMA Training with honesty and Pass Guarantee or refund the fees policy.

The CMA is the gold standard for those in the profession. It requires the mastery of the skills and concepts necessary for management accountants. Employers seek out those who have earned the designation as it provides assurance of the proficiencies required for excellence in management accounting.

CMA Certification in UAE - To The Point
"CMA Certification is ideal blend of management accountancy, planning, control, and financial decision making. CMA Certification is intelligently designed to give immediate boost to your career specially for students in Dubai and Abu Dhabi."
2. Objectives

Prove your ability to become a strategic business partner, while you also enhance your self-confidence, your sense of accomplishment, and your resume.

3. Getting qualified

To get your CMA qualification, you must meet the eligibility requirements which include passing 2 exams, Parts 1 and 2, and completing two continuous years of professional experience in management accounting. This requirement may be completed prior to, during or after passing the exams.

Minimum entry requirements

To get your CMA qualification, you must meet at least one of the following criteria:
Hold a bachelor's degree, in any discipline, from an accredited college or university

How long does it take?

The CMA programmes lets you proceed at your own pace. As there are only 2 exams it is possible to complete your CMA in 6-12 months.
Businesses around the world rely on CMAs for accounting, finance and information management and most importantly, for the strategic planning and business solutions provided by these qualified professionals.

To get certificate you should have,
  • Passing both parts of the exam
  • Membership of IMA
  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Satisfying two years' experience requirement (May be before or after passing the exam)
  • Payment of entrance fee
4. Our CMA training programmes

Our CMA training programmes is made up of comprehensive preparation classes and a full revision programmes.

  • Comprehensive study materials
  • A series of progress tests during the programme
  • Revision classes after each section to ensure that you understand and have absorbed the material
  • Access to over 2000 practice questions
  • Two paper based mock exams
  • Extra exam oriented handouts prepared by our experts that summarise the class material, section by section.
  • A detailed session on exam strategies, techniques and tips
Revision Sessions

Our revision sessions are an ideal way of identifying areas of weakness and involve going through a series of exam questions and exam techniques. These include:

  • 24 hours of classroom based intensive revision of key topics
  • Access to over 200 exam questions to solve in class
  • A session on study tips and techniques
  • Candidate will have to pass both exams within three years from entry into the program.
  • Candidate must register for at least one exam part within the 12 months of payment of entrance fee.
  • Individual part can be taken in any sequence.
  • On average a student takes six months to complete both parts

5. What our students say
"It’s a great experience all of our students. The classes are took in proper channel and perfectly. We are honored to have a chance of getting class from there. We are getting online access, lectures, study materials and social networking facilities (WhatsApp,message,etc). So as a student I recommend to all my friends to join CMA class in the same institute.British Columbia International Academy you are great and Thanks for supporting us." BCIA CMA Student - anas kp
"It is one of the best training institute across United Arab Emirates. I had an amazing experience with the staff and colleagues because of the fact that I was part of them. From the admin staff down to the trainers, I got no doubt, they are so friendly. I would highly recommend the institute with more than a 5 star rating. Keep it up, guys.. " - BCIA CMA Student Reynaldo Salazar
"British Colombia International Academy as per my experience for CMA Course Part - 1 is very good institution.There is good instructor who try to teach in detail,conceptual" - BCIA CMA Student - IRFAN SHAHEN
Frequently Asked Questions

We compiled some frequently asked questions specially for students in UAE. These questions comprise of topics related to eligibility, exam and fee.

what are the exam fees for cma course ?

There are Different IMA fees structure for student and professional Person

IMA Entrance fees and membership

Student - $238

Professional - $245 + $250

IMA Examination Fees Per part

Student - $311

Professional - $415 per part

*Please note that IMA charging 5% VAT extra on above price if member will be IMA middleast

My Bachelor's degree is in progress. Can I do CMA Certification?

Yes, you can study, appear and pass CMA exams without Bachelor's degree. However, to get CMA certificate you must have Bachelor's degree.

I have don't have accounting background , can i take CMA course ?

There is no As such accounting background required, because its next level accounting course focuses more on management accounting concept, British Columbia International academy will support students for extra lecture for basics of Accounting 

CMA exam registration deadline?

To get your preferred choice of date, time and location, it's better schedule your appointment at least three weeks in advance of the testing window you plan to sit for.

when you take the CMA exams ?

CMA exam are offered 3 times in a year during specified periods, called exam windows. You can book exam during these time periods.

January - February

May - June

September - October

What is the Registration process to take exam ?

To register for your CMA exam, all you need to do is follow these six simple steps:

  • Join the IMA
  • Pay the entrance fee
  • Register and pay exam fee
  • Registration acknowledgement
  • Schedule your exam
  • Take the exam
which Study material islets for CMA ?

British Columbia international Academy is an Authorized Partner of Gleim Publications. With high pass rates we recommend student to go for same publication.

Study Material will comprise of following: 

  •  Books Part 1, 2
  •  CMA Part 1 Premium package
  •  CMA Part 2 Premium package

Premium package includes VIDEOS, AUDIOS, Hard copy of book, Soft copy of book etc